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Documentary Collections

Secure your investment with DTBÔÇÖs Documentary collections that provides a secure, universally-recognized way of sending and receiving payments abroad.
The Documentary Collections service offers exporters both security and comfort, since DTB takes care of all their document-handling needs on behalf of both export and import clients.

Documentary Import Collections

Documentary Import Collections are payment mechanisms, less expensive than Letters of Credit but provide more security to the supplier than open account transactions. Import Documentary Collections boost trading relationships by reassuring suppliers of their payment and safeguards the importerÔÇÖs title to goods. The two most common conditions for release are:

  • Documents against payment (D/P): documents released only if the importer makes immediate payment
  • Documents against acceptance (D/A): documents released only if the importer accepts the accompanying draft thereby incurring an obligation to pay at a specified future date

Export Documentary Collections

Export Documentary Collections simplify the process of receiving payments from importers while also safeguarding the supplierÔÇÖs title to the goods until payment has been received or documents have been accepted for payment.